Why Your Trees Add Value to Your Life

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Why Trees Add Value to Your Life

Trees are a beautiful thing. Aesthetically they provide us with so much joy, if it be from the flowers and colours they produce, or the fruits they bare. They offer benefits beyond measure, yet are commonly neglected by most. Everyone knows that trees filter the air we breathe and provide homes for wildlife living in urban areas. So why do trees always become an afterthought on a property for most homeowners? The question to ask is how can trees benefit my neighbourhood?

Trees are a huge asset to homeowner and in our urban landscapes. They are working 24/7, 365 days a year for us and only a few people seem to notice their true value. They improve our environment and our quality of life. Studies show that trees can increase a person’s mental health. A study by the University of Chicago psychologist Marc Berman stated “Having 10 more trees in a city block, on average, improves health perception in ways comparable to an increase in annual personal income of $10,000.” The benefit to city trees compared to private trees is accessibility, everyone can enjoy them. Economically city trees contribute aid such as elongating the life of pavement by shading and cooling the asphalt. They can help reduce noise pollution, soil erosion and provide habitat and food for wildlife. They provide areas for recreation and can attract tourist via hiking trails and campgrounds. We can not forget to mention the employment they provide within the forestry field. They bring a touch of nature into an urban jungle.

Private homeowners also can reap the economic and social benefits of trees. They can lower cooling cost in the summer by providing shade and warming the house in the winter months by blocking wind. Trees are sometimes used as a privacy screen from neighbours and the public. They can increase the value of your property. The problem with trees is that they can also lower the value if you are not taking care of them. A large dead tree can be a hazard and an eye sore. Messy overgrown trees rubbing on your house can cause damage and allow wildlife to access your roof and be an unexpected cost.

They key to prosperity through trees is simple, consult a professional. Planting the proper species in the right location is a major factor for long term success. If you have moved onto a property with mature trees maintaining them is essential for safety and the aesthetic value. It can be useful to have a certified arborist give an evaluation of your trees for many reasons, such as:

  • identifying potential hazards
  • maintaining and developing proper structure and promoting long term health
  • general pruning practices and a better overall understanding of your trees and their needs
  • potential diseases and controls
  • to help with an insurance claim in case of loss and real estate purposes such as a property value assessments

These are just some examples of why trees are so important to urban landscapes and our personal properties. The fact is that trees provide us with so much, should we not provide them with the essential care? We have all spent summer days sitting on the grass in the shade under a canopy of a beautiful tree. The better understanding we have of them, the better equipped we are to support, maintain and appreciate the true value of something that takes so long to grow and develop. Trees in general cannot be replaced on a whim. Professionals can give valuable insight into everything your trees need to grow and maintain a healthy structure.

If you look outside can you imagine how desolate it would be without trees?

It’s time to take care of your investments, by taking care of your trees.

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