Tree Protection Plan

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Tree Protection Plan

Tree Protection Plans are required prior to you being issued a building permit. Trees on adjacent properties that could be affected by any construction or grade changes need to be included.

In addition to protecting heritage trees, species at risk, and road allowance trees your municipality may have laws protecting private trees greater than a specified diameter (DBH = diameter at breast height, 1.3m).

Fences need to be installed prior to any contractor’s equipment or building materials being brought to, and stored, on site. These fences designate Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) whose sizes are determined by each trees diameter and crown size. Signs are also posted to warn these fences are not to be disturbed until construction is completed.

Fines are in place for any damage done to trees. Protected trees are also appraised for their dollar value in case they are damaged.

Additional Information

  • Mulching, fertilizing, watering, aeration, and pruning prior and after construction can also be part of the plan.
  • Tree risk assessment and recommended mitigation is part of a Tree Protection Plan.
  • The Tree Protection Plan requires a survey of the existing house with a surveyed inventory of existing trees and an arborist report per tree. A plan of the proposed building on a survey showing all the existing trees and any proposed grade changes must also be included.
  • Periodic monitoring by an arborist is often required.
  • Finally a planting plan for replacement trees is often a necessity.

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