Stump Grinding

Want to remove a stump? UTS Tree Care can get rid of that eyesore!

Stump Grinding

Remove intrusive and dangerous stumps from your York and Durham Region property with help of UTS Tree Care.

Whether you have numerous small stumps or one large stump or perhaps a stump in an awkward location, we have the right equipment to remove any stump quickly and efficiently.
UTS Tree Care Stump Grinding

Safe and Effective

Without the proper tools and training, removing a tree stump is very difficult and, potentially, extremely dangerous – both for yourself, and your property. Rather than struggling with chainsaws, drills, and questionable liquids, it’s much safer to hire a professional team with decades of experience, and all the tools necessary to facilitate an efficient removal.

At UTS Tree Care, we use special industrial equipment created specifically to grind tree stumps into smaller, more manageable, wood chips.

By approaching things in the correct manner, we’re able to remove intrusive and unsightly stumps without causing major damage to your green space or the structures around it.

Increase Curb Appeal & REclaim Your Green Space

Keeping lawn areas well-maintained is a major goal for most homeowners, and staying on top of the process can help increase your property’s curb appeal and value.

By engaging UTS Tree Care (formerly Uxbridge Tree Service) to look after stump removal, you’ll be able to reclaim previously unusable areas of your lawn/green space quickly and safely, allowing you to make the most of your lawn once more!

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We’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse array of clientele over the years, including Federal, Regional, Municipal and Provincial Governments, property managers, private and public utility owners, residential and commercial property owners, builders and developers, wood lot owners, insurance providers and golf courses. This gives our customers confidence when choosing UTS Tree Care (formerly Uxbridge Tree Service) for their needs, as we’ve seen and done it all, and can readily jump in to help!

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