Plant Health Care

Increase plant longevity and help reduce unexpected expenses

Plant Health Care

With plants and trees, just like everything else in nature, a degree of care, maintenance, and nurturing is essential to ensure problem-free, healthy growth - which in turn allows us, and the environment, to reap the benefits!

By carrying out plant health care, the UTS Tree Care team is able to stay on top of the health and well-being of your property’s trees and plants. This entails making sure that the plants are receiving the correct nutrients to help them battle against pests and insects, that they have sufficient space in their environment, and that they’re carefully maintained to avoid potential problems down the line.

What Does the Process Look like?

As with most things in the plant care industry, it’s essential to perform thorough assessment of the plants and environment first. This enables your UTS Tree Care team to understand the ins and outs of the environment, from the plants within the location, to the quality of soil, amount of sunlight, and much more.

From there, we’ll prepare and carry out our thorough plant health care process, which can include an assortment of services such as pruning, fertilization, relocation, and more.

Because every environment is different, there’s no hard and fast rulebook here, but everything we do will help to ensure the health and longevity of your plants so that you can enjoy your landscape for years to come.

What's Included?

Like we mentioned above, because every environment is different, it’s impossible to say exactly what your plant health care process will look like, but it’s not uncommon for the following services to be included as part of a thorough health care plan:

    • Fertilizing & Root Zone Revitalization
    • Tree Pruning
    • Stump Grinding
    • Tree Removal
    • Preventative Care

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