ArcGIS Technology

Green space management made easy

ArcGIS Technology

ArcGIS technology provides a convenient and effective way to inventory trees for management purposes.

This technology has been used by public works field staff, landscape architects, golf courses, municipalities and organizations to comprehensively map public and private tree inventories.

Why Use ArcGis Technology to Manage Green Spaces?

As a form of geographic information systems (GIS), ArcGIS technology allows us to gather, store, process, model, analyze, and share graphical tree data among our staff and clients. This is the same technology and data format used by Natural Resources Canada to update the Canada Base Map. ArcGIS data can reveal tree conditions, species, tree circumferences, and heights. Due of its high-utility potential, ArcGIS technology is often used for:

    • Inventory mapping
    • Tree condition analysis
    • Species distribution
    • Density figures
    • Hazardous tree risk assessment and prioritization
    • Trimming prioritization
    • Pruning prioritization
    • Tree removal prioritization

Automatic Tree Plotting & Diagnostics

One of the main advantages of working with ArcGIS technology is the ability to plot trees automatically using any topographical map or aerial photograph that is to scale. ArcGIS makes it very economical to inventory trees and project future tree plantings, as well as budget, prioritize, quantify budget and recognize maintenance considerations. When used as a diagnostic tool, ArcGIS can help your team determine areas of diseased trees, areas of species suitability, and areas of soil issues.

Do I Really Need This Service?

Even if you don’t operate massive public arboretums or parklands, the data created using ArcGIS technology by UTS Tree Care (Uxbridge Tree Service) can be useful for homeowners with large properties containing a large quantity of trees, or a variety of tree species.

How Do I Request an ArcGIS Tree Survey?

UTS Tree Care (Uxbridge Tree Service) is available whenever and wherever you require ArcGIS tree surveying and mapping services within Southern Ontario. It’s the perfect way to fully manage your forest, grove and/or green spaces.

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We’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse array of clientele over the years, including Federal, Regional, Municipal and Provincial Governments, property managers, private and public utility owners, residential and commercial property owners, builders and developers, wood lot owners, insurance providers and golf courses. This gives our customers confidence when choosing UTS Tree Care (formerly Uxbridge Tree Service) for their needs, as we’ve seen and done it all, and can readily jump in to help!

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