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Keep Your Trees in Check Without Risking Their Health

Whether for safety, tree health, or aesthetics it can be an essential part of maintaining your landscape to carry out regular pruning of the trees on your property.

Key Details

UTS Tree Care (Uxbridge Tree Service) offers tree pruning services designed to keep plants, shrubs and trees looking beautiful on your property. UTS Tree Care utilizes special equipment for pruning, which has been sterilized to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease from plant to plant.

Ideally, pruning should be done every few years to keep your trees looking healthy and vigorous. Regular pruning should also be done to remove dead or diseased wood, and weak branches. Although pruning can be done year-round, winter is an optimal season for it.

Depending on the state of your trees, there are many pruning options available to you that relate specifically to your own landscaping plans.

What We Offer

Crown Cleaning
Removes damaged, diseased and dead branches in order to improve the health of the tree.
Crown Thinning
Reduces the density of live tree branches, which reduces weight and physical stress while improving air circulation and sunlight.
Crown Raising
Removes annoying, low-hanging branches to provide more space and vertical clearance.
Crown Reduction
Reduces the overall weight and height of a split or cavity to reduce the chance of structural failure.
Crown Restoration
Restores the appearance and form of a tree that has been battered by a storm or damaged by animals.
Vista Pruning
Carefully prunes trees in front of a window to provide the most breathtaking view possible.

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