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Frequently Asked Questions

UTS Tree Care (formerly Uxbridge Tree Service) is pleased to answer any and all questions that might affect the decisions you make for your property. As such, we have provided this section to answer some of the most common.

Depending on the size, location and overall condition of your tree, there are several different removal and pruning options. While we certainly use heavy-duty bucket trucks and cranes, most of our pruning and removal work is done hands-on. We use specialized rigging equipment and climbing gear to reach even the most precarious branches and trim them safely.

Removing the top section of a tree in order to reduce its height is generally not recommended. Topping of a tree leads to many negative consequences.

We can use a process known as “crown reduction” to decrease the size of the tree crown without causing further damage.

Yes. Ironically, the winter months are an opportune time to remove or prune your trees. The lack of leaves means that the entire structure of the tree is more visible and accessible.

Pruning during dormancy is ideal because during this time the chances of infection by disease is greatly reduced.

Stump grinding is a process where we use a machine to grind stumps into smaller wood chips. This removes unsightly and intrusive stumps without causing damage to the lawn/garden or adjacent structures (walkways/driveways etc.)

Some municipal laws throughout Southern Ontario require property owners to obtain a permit before removing a tree. Trees protected under municipal law can include those on, or near, private property, in ravines and environmentally sensitive areas, or may have been designated as heritage trees.

Depending on your situation, you can choose from several different types of arborist reports, including:

TREE INVENTORIES: This report identifies all trees on a specific lot, and identifies them by species and size. They also take note of trees that are protected under bylaws.

TREE ASSESSMENTS: These reports are typically required by a municipality when you are applying for a removal permit. They provide details regarding the species, size, structure and overall health of a tree.

TREE VALUATIONS: If you are involved in an insurance claim or a court case regarding the unauthorized removal or damage to a tree, these types of reports are commonly used to assess the dollar value of one or more specific trees.

TREE PRESERVATION PLANS: When you are planning a construction or property development project, your municipality could request a preservation plan before issuing you a building permit. These plans typically involve elements of tree inventory, assessment and valuation reports, and identifying the appropriate steps that will be taken to preserve the appropriate trees.

It depends on the purpose of fertilizing. High nitrogen fertilization is typically best done in spring or early summer, and other formulations may be applied closer to fall to accomplish other goals. A proper diagnosis is key prior to prescribing a schedule and dose for fertilizing trees.

Your first step should be to contact us to schedule a consultation. After examining the tree, we can determine the type of insect or disease that is affecting the health of the tree. Often times, environmental stressors and cultural practices are causing the problems, many of which can be addressed to improve the health of your trees.

Yes we do! When you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to call UTS Tree Care (formerly Uxbridge Tree Service) for an estimate. Our team of arborists will be more than happy to provide you with helpful information and a free estimate on all your tree care needs.

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