Emergency Tree Services

We're here to help you with any tree related emergencies you face

UTS Tree Care is ready and waiting to tackle any emergency situations that might arise as a result of severe winds, poor tree structure, accidents, ice storms, and other issues.

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If you’re in an emergency, start here:
• If anyone is injured, or at risk of being injured, call 911 immediately!
• If a tree has fallen on power lines:
– and you’re in a vehicle making contact with the power line: stay in the vehicle, and call 911
– and you’re near the power line: stay clear, and call 911.
• If a tree has fallen on your house, move to an area of the house that is unaffected by the tree. Never assume that the room is safe.

UTS is here for you

We've got your emergency covered

Emergency tree removal service or emergency tree care is what we do best. Our team of ISA certified arborists are trained for any type of situations, and you can be assured that in our almost 40 years of experience, there isn’t a situation we can’t address – for example trees on hydro, on buildings, or blocking driveways.

UTS Tree Care Emergency Services
UTS Tree Care Emergency Services

24 Hour a Day Availability

Emergency tree removal service and emergency tree care is what we do best. Our team of ISA certified arborists are fully equipped and trained for any type of situation. Rest assured that our 35+ years of experience has given us all the knowledge to tackle any problem or situation with supreme confidence.

Not sure if you need emergency service? Ask about having a UTS Tree Care ISA Certified Arborist or Qualified Tree Risk Assessor (TRAQ) evaluate your property in order to identify any future possible issues or damages. This is recommended not only for your due diligence, but to ensure the safety of everyone who is on your property, as well as valuable assets.

Want up-to-the-minute news on storms so you can be prepared? Follow this link to the Ontario Storm Tracker website, or follow us on social media.

Our Emergency Process

1) We EVALUATE each individual situation to determine the best course of action

2) We PLAN & APPROACH each situation to maximize speed, safety and quality of work

3) We CORRECT & COMPLETE each task by identifying any remaining issues and dealing with accordingly

4) We finish off with a SITE SAFETY REVIEW to make sure that all safety standards and guidelines are met and exceeded

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Let UTS Tree Care Solve Your Emergency

Don’t risk the safety of your family and home, contact UTS Tree Care immediately if you think your property may be in danger due to a tree-related emergency. For urgent assistance, please call the UTS Tree Care emergency service line on:


The UTS Tree Care Difference​

The health of your trees and woody plant material on your property is one of the best exterior investments you can make, not only for the property value, but for the good of everyone around us. You see, trees absorb carbon dioxide, and produce a by-product that we all use... Oxygen.

Our philosophy here at UTS Tree Care (formerly Uxbridge Tree Service) is to promote a healthy environment. We’re proud of the love and care every member of our team has towards every tree on every property we work on!

The moment we step on your property, you’ll feel the care and attention to detail, the environmental focus, and the decades of experience we have in the tree care industry.

Bottom line, your trees are our life.

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You're in Safe Hands with UTS Tree Care

We’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse array of clientele over the years, including Federal, Regional, Municipal and Provincial Governments, property managers, private and public utility owners, residential and commercial property owners, builders and developers, wood lot owners, insurance providers and golf courses. This gives our customers confidence when choosing UTS Tree Care (formerly Uxbridge Tree Service) for their needs, as we’ve seen and done it all, and can readily jump in to help!

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